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Troubleshoot & Repair

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance   Preventive Maintenance helps to make sure the equipment is working efficiently.

Through inspection, signals of breakdown can be detected. Later adjustment and maintenance work are to be done beforehand so as to prevent sudden halt of presses and reduce effects on the production line to the minimum.

In addition, regular inspecting and replacing press components ensure presses to run with great and steady performance for a long time.

Apart from keeping presses working efficiently, preventive maintenance has other strong points, such as:
  • Reducing downtime
  • Improving quality production
  • Increasing machine efficiency
  • Lower cost for maintenance and materials
  • Gain a competitive advantage over competitors
  • Replacing Frequency of Electrical Parts & OH target


Have you ever worried with respect to the working condition and safety of mechanical, electrical equipments, air compressors, and hydraulic equipments as well as peripheral devices?

Inspection work refers to a comprehensive inspection of presses’ motion performance, state of accuracy, and safety. Electrical circuit, oil hydraulic circuit, air compression circuit and peripheral devices of presses will also be covered.

Professional engineers from AIDA will carry out inspection and evaluation work, after which a detailed inspection report will be submitted to customers on the spot.

In order to prevent sudden breakdown or accidents, the inspection report will systematically list the unqualified parts, regular replacing parts, and consumable parts so that customers can take precautionary measures like ordering new substitutes.

Trouble Shooting & Repair

Based on the malfunction condition reported by customers through phone calls, AIDA will make a preliminary cause analysis, giving a solution through phones or providing on-site repair to address the initial trouble.

Cases will be closely followed up.

Professional after-sales service team is capable of providing timely supply and repair of parts that fail to work normally.

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Trouble Shooting & Repair